Large Angel Number Necklace

$ 5,765.00

Angel Number

Angel numbers are repeating number sequences, often used as a guide for deeper spiritual exploration.

The first pendant I created is my personal one. 4:44 is the number I often see when I pick up my phone, when I look at a clock, 4:44 lets me know my spirit guides are protecting me. Around the outside I have the dates and birth times of my husband and daughter and myself. On the back is the sacred geometry symbol the Merkaba which connects you to the divine.

My favorite quote is also hand engraved with “Be here now”. The stone choice, Lapis represents inner vision and universal truth.

If you would like customized birth times along the side, and/or quotes/symbols on the back please include that in checkout notes or email us at with questions. If no note is given your pendant will not be engraved on the sides or back. It will be made in yellow gold unless otherwise noted. Because this is such an intricate customized process and each piece is entirely made by hand please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your necklace.

  • Diamond Dial 24mm
  • 14k 
  • Chain 18 inches

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