Willow Collar

$ 2,250.00


Created from a willow branch and cast into solid gold, this willow collar has a beautiful organic texture, featuring spring buds along the branch. It is delicate and lightweight. 

Our diamond succulent blossom hangs perfectly from this piece. You can purchase either the collar alone, the blossom on a chain, or both together. If you would like rose or white gold please email info@elisabethbelljewelry.com

"The willow tree has a long history of symbolism rooted in spirituality and cultural traditions. One of the most valuable traits of the willow tree is its flexibility. The willow tree is one of the few trees that is capable of bending without snapping. This can be a powerful metaphor for those of us seeking recovery or a spiritual path. The message of the willow tree is to adjust with life, rather than fighting it, surrendering to the process. The willow reminds us to let go and to surrender completely to our innermost selves and to gain a deeper understanding of our subconscious." -Willow Place for Women

  • 14-karat
  • Handmade in Los Angeles

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